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Let Earth Day 2012 Inspire You!

Earth day is meant to inspire the public to take better care of the environment and learn to take pride in the environment. The original Earth Day was used as a teaching day to get the public more informed about the environmental impact humans were making.

Since then, the basic message of the day is the same, but it has been taken much further. Since this original celebration Earth Day has become an international holiday. Several environmental groups have also started participating in an Earth week.

During this week, these organizations host several different programs that educate their communities about the different aspects of Earth and how to take better care of Earth. Each year, Earth Day celebrations have become more and more elaborate with an ever increasing audience.

Each year different activities are held to acknowledge Earth Day. Each participating country holds their own activities which can be seen on the international Earth Day webpage. Last year, groups across the globe began to enter into active communication with their government officials concerning environmental policy. These groups began to make moves toward getting schools and business to recycle as well as take other actions towards preserving our environment.

Other, more recreational, activities are also held each year in different parts of the world. Many national parks hold nature walks in hopes that these will inspire more environmental responsibility. Other groups organize clean-ups to clear trash and make the environment more livable.

A big push for more child appropriate programs has also been seen throughout recent years. Nearly every community holds some sort of Earth Day activity. All you have to do is read the local newspaper to find out more. Earth Day 2012 events are nearly always posted far in advance, you just have to look for them.


Earth day first began in the United States in 1970. This celebration was started by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson on April 22, 1970.


We cannot ensure a safe and clean planet for future generations if we think about environmental issues for one day only. We must think ‘green’ every day of the year. Decide now to start small with an easy resolution to make ‘green’ part of your daily routine. A few simple and ways to start: turn off lights and appliances when not in use, recycle(simply throw your plastic bottles in a separate container than your trash), take a walk instead of driving to your destination.


Our children are the leaders of the future. It is important that they learn the importance of the environment now, instead of waiting until they have grown. There is no better way to teach children than to make crafts and play educational games. http://earthday2012.net/earth-day-activities-for-kids


In the spirit of Earth Day, saving the planet simply starts at home. Lowering your electric use not only helps conserve energy, but also helps put money back in your pocket. And in this economy, who couldn’t use that?! There are many ways you can reduce your electric use that are simple and take little time. Here’s seven ways to get you started to decrease your carbon footprint and save you money every month.

1. Unplug Unused Appliances

One surprising way you can cut your electric bills is to unplug any unused appliances. Believe it or not even when appliances are turned off, if they are still plugged in they still use electricity. Cell phone chargers are another way to unknowingly drain electricity. Next time remember to unplug things such as your hair straightener, game consoles, coffee pot, and printer when you are not using them. By taking the time to do these steps you will save up to $80 dollars a month on your electricity costs.

2. Lower Cooling Costs

Be sure to close your blinds on the sunny side of your home during the day. This will prevent the sun from heating up your room and forcing your air conditioner from running more than it needs to. By reducing the amount your air conditioner runs, you reduce your total electricity bills. You further reduce your electric bills by turning your air up a few degrees so that your air conditioner is not running constantly http://amzn.to/bC9jlE . You can also install and run ceiling fans to help air circulate and lower your cooling costs. A final tip to lower cooling costs is to turn the thermostat up during the evening and placing a fan in the rooms that will be slept in. This will prevent you from cooking the rooms that you are not using. Lowering your cooling costs will save you 10% each year.

3. Change from Incandescent to Fluorescent

Although this will cost you more in the beginning, changing from incandescent lighting to fluorescent lighting will save you money in the long run. Fluorescent lights last 10 times longer than incandescent lights. You ultimately save by reducing the number of bulbs you buy. This change could also save you as much as $30 dollars in energy costs.

4. Turn off Those Lights

Although it seems like an idea too simple to mention, it is surprising how many people keep unnecessary lights on around the house during the day. It really is a simple task to switch off a light when you don’t need it. And while you are at it, unplug the TV or other electrical appliance when not in use. There is no point in keeping a light turned on that you are not using. By turning off unused lights you will save about $35 dollars a year in energy costs.

5. Maintain Your Refrigerator

You may have noticed that over time your refrigerator does not cool as efficiently as it once did. Instead of turning it up or running out and buying a new refrigerator, you should clean off the coils in the back and clean under the unit. Cleaning up the dirt, dust, and pet hair that has collected behind and underneath your refrigerator can save you 30% on your cooling costs.

6. Use Natural Light

Use natural light during the day instead of electric lights. Open the blinds and shutters and allow some direct sunlight into your home or office. In a bedroom, you can increase the use of natural light buy placing a large mirror in a strategic location to spread the light. This is an obvious money saver because it lowers the amount of money you use lighting your home.

7. Use Timers

If you have a hard time remembering to turn things off you might want to consider putting timers around your home http://amzn.to/GOWsYl. This will help lower costs all around and you won’t have to worry about remembering to turn things off.

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