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How To Dispose Of Old Mercury Thermostats

Traditionally, thermostats used in residences and businesses had contained mercury. As spring turns to summer and fall turns to winter, many people think about upgrading their heating/cooling system in preparation for winter or summer, including replacing old thermostats.

If your old thermostat contains a mercury switch, it is vital that it is disposed of properly. DO NOT THROW AN OLD MERCURY THERMOSTAT IN THE TRASH!

Each mercury thermostat has an average of 4 grams of mercury in it, which could pollute an 80-acre lake or 20 million gallons of water. Never throw mercury down the drain.  It can leak out and enter the ground water which can be extremely toxic.

Go to www.earth911.com to find a drop-off or recycling center near you.

Is Your Mercury Thermostat Safe?

Yes, mercury-containing thermostats are safe. In normal use, the consumer is never exposed to the mercury, which is entirely contained in a glass bulb. Thermostats are specifically designed to protect and hold the mercury inside. The bulb is protected by a sturdy casing. Nevertheless, it is prudent to handle these thermostats with care.

I’d Like To Replace My Thermostat But I Like My Old Round Thermostat

Traditional round thermostats are available without mercury.

Ecostat® Heat & Cool Thermostat

Ecostat® Heat & Cool Thermostat

For more information about the Lux products Ecostat please vist this link: http://www.luxproducts.com/thermostats/thc15.htm. Also, see AMAZON.COM for a wide selection of thermostats for your home.

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